Stringer ISS Stiff Flex COD.7298-7299

$32.000 CLP

Stringer ISS Stiff Flex COD.7298-7299

$32.000 CLP

ISS® StiffFlex+™

The stiffest stringer in the ISS range. Advanced composite construction featuring 60% Carbon interwoven with 40% Fiberglass to create a high strength DRC flex profile with outstanding torsional shaft stiffness.

The 'go to' stringer for the tropics and riders who like to surf on rail.

*Comes with ISS Turn Key NMD’s

Nick Mesritz tells us about the new ISS stringer system.

The ISS® – Interchangeable Stringer System™ revolutionises bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine tune the flex of their board to better suit the wave and water conditions.

Using patented ‘load and lock’ technology, ISS® stringers are inserted and removed with the turn of a key.

The ISS® range of stringers utilise the latest in composite construction and manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers virtually the full spectrum of a riders flex requirement.

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