Pierre Louis Costes shone on the second day of the “Arica Chilean Challenge”

Sunday 03, July, 2016 - 05:46 AM

Pierre Louis Costes shone on the second day of the “Arica Chilean Challenge”


· The French number three in the world ranking obtained the best combination of the day after getting a perfect wave with a score of 10, finally adding 19 points.

· Tabino Nelson Flores, for his part, was the best Chilean of the day, reaching a score of 15.65.
· The contest will continue tomorrow from 7:00 am, where the long-awaited debut of the Womans Pro category is expected. The “Arica Chilean Challenge” can be seen live through the website www.tomatesurfshop.cl/arica-chilean- challenge-2016

Former Scorpion Island, Arica, Chile. July 2, 2016

With a spectacular crowd, bright sun and perfect waves, the second day of the bodyboard grand slam “Arica Chilean Challenge” was held on Ex Isla Alacrán.

The first race in dispute, very early in the morning, was for the Frenchman from Reunion Island, Amaury Laverne, who reached 15.10 points, getting up early for the Brazilian Socrates Santana who qualified with 14.37, leaving Diego Barrios out.

Then came the defending champion of the Arica Chilean Challenge 2015, the South African Jared Houston, who had an excellent performance after beating the world bodyboarding legend, Mike Stewart, who qualified anyway with 16 points.

Then it was the turn of Sacha Damjanic from Antofagasta, who led the heat, displacing the Brazilian Hermano Castro to second place and leaving another Chilean, Matías Miranda de Arica, out of the competition.
Next it was the turn of the Argentine Nicolás Chiara, who added 14.25, advancing together with Miguel Adao from Puerto Rico, leaving out one of the local favorites, Cristian “Popey” Fernández.

Later the Brazilian star, Uri Valadao feasted with "El Gringo", advancing with 16.30, together with his compatriot Eder Luciano.

In heat number 6, the tabin duel brought out sparks. Alan Muñoz, one of the favorites to win the 2016 ACC, was relegated to second place by his friend and faithful follower, Nelson Flores, who scored 15.65 points, being the best Chilean of the day.

“I am very happy to have qualified first. It was a very good heat, fortunately the two Chileans qualified, so I'm also happy for that”, said Nelson Flores.

The following sleeve was very disputed. The winner was the South African Tristan Roberts with 14.50, leaving the young Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel in second place.

The following heat was also very disputed, the current leader of the world circuit, Jeff Hubbard from Hawaii, barely beat the Chilean Danton Correa, both qualifying for the next round.

While in the final sleeve, the Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes, unleashed the uproar of the fans from Arica who at that time, after noon, crowded the shore of the beach to see a perfect tube that propelled him as the best of the day.

Tomorrow the call for the runners is at 6:30 AM, and the start of the women's competition is expected in the morning. The "Arica Chilean Challenge" can be seen live through the website www.tomatesurfshop.cl where you can also see all the images and photos of the world contest.

Video Summary Highlight Day 2:

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