Stealth S2 fins - BLACK COD.8455

$45.990 CLP

Stealth S2 fins - BLACK COD.8455

$45.990 CLP

The S2 has been specifically designed for high performance bodyboarding. It's made from 100% Malaysian rubber and has a soft asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit. It also has a straightened blade to improve acceleration and help reduce ankle and knee twisting. This fin has blade rail flanges and angled rails to easily and efficiently transfer power. It also has a jet vent drainage system to keep the foot pocket free of sand and rocks.

The S2 is the fin of choice for Stealth riders like Jake Stone, Marli Dunn, Mitch Blewitt, Isaac Williams and many other bodyboarders around the world.


Small (US 4.5 - 6)

Medium (US 7 - 8.5)

Medium-Large (US 9 - 10.5)

Large (US 11 - 12.5)

X-Large (US 13 - 14.5)

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