Iquiqueño cameraman Cristóbal Sciariaffia stands up for Chile in the “Arica Chilean Challenge”

Sunday 19, July, 2015 - 12:37 PM

Iquiqueño cameraman Cristóbal Sciariaffia stands up for Chile in the “Arica Chilean Challenge”


Arica, July 15, 2015.

With an extraordinary crowd on Ex Isla Alacrán in front of Morro de Arica, the second day of the “Arica Chilean Challenge 2015” was epic, waves that reached up to 6 meters high, marked the competition.

The story of the Iquiqueño who, thanks to his professional development as an audiovisualist, sustains his career as a professional rider that today has him exalted as the only Chilean classified directly to the fourth round of the Ariquean bodyboard grand slam .

The current World Tour champion, Amaury Laverne from Reunion Island, was one of the figures of the day, reaching one of the highest scores together with Frenchman Pierre-Louis Costes.

Nearly 3,000 people arrived this Saturday at the former Isla Alacrán, in front of the Morro de Arica. “El Gringo” became a true “surf stadium” thanks to the swell that burst very close to the public.

The day was marked by big waves, where the current champion Amaury Laverne demonstrated his validity and ratified his favoritism to revalidate the title achieved last year.

“I have always said it, El Gringo is one of my favorite waves, and Chile, an example in the world for the existing culture of bodyboarding. I think Hawaii and even California should follow suit," Laverne said in meetings.

Iquiqueño cameraman the best Chilean in “El Gringo”

Every year, Cristóbal Sciariaffia is part of the technical staff of the APB, the entity that organizes the world bodyboard circuit. “Shafi”, as his friends call him, must be one of the most recognized water cameramen in the Chilean surfing environment. His services are very valuable, because capturing the perfect moment and also avoiding "El Gringo" at the same time is not an easy task.

“It is a very risky job. If I weren't a rider I think it would be impossible. I know where to position myself well to capture the perfect image, and also not to interrupt the athlete during his maneuvers”, says Sciariaffia.

“Equally, developing this profession has allowed me to perfect my training. It is a very good complement for development as a professional rider ”, says the man from Iquica.

Wave conditions similar to today's are expected for tomorrow, along with a large crowd as it is Sunday. The “ Arica Chilean Challenge” can be seen live on the sites and


Recording in the Water - Cristobal Sciaraffia - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

Airam Cabrera - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

Cristobal Sciaraffia - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

Alex Uranga - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

Pierre Louis Costes - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

Pierre Louis Costes - Arica Chilean Challenge - Day 2

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